From February to July, We Grow Amazing Berries

About Our Strawberries

Our farm has been growing strawberries for over 10 years. The berries love the weather in Rainbow, which tends to be more temperate and cool than the high desert climate in the nearby Temecula Valley.

We grow a variety of strawberry that is known for its vibrant red color and sweet flavor. Every year, we try to grow berries that look, taste, and smell like the best strawberry you’ve ever had. Everyone who comes to our farm has an idea of the kind of strawberry they’re looking for, and what they get is something far better.

What sets our strawberries apart is their sweetness and freshness. The berries that you get at our stands are picked at the peak of ripeness, making them more delicious than berries you get in stores. The way to get the freshest berries is to visit the farm and pick them!

Prices for Strawberry Picking

We’re one of the few places you can pick strawberries in Southern California. We don’t charge an entrance fee to visit the farm. For strawberry picking, we only charge per bucket picked. Each bucket is $15. All in all, it’s super easy and super fun to pick strawberries. 

Also Growing Blackberries from April to June

Our blackberry bushes grow some amazing berries. They’re large, sweet, and perfect for a snack or dessert. When you visit our farm, make sure you look for them at our store. Blackberries are incredibly popular (especially ours) and are gone before you realize it. (pre picked only…not available to pick)

All blackberries are picked when they’re ripe. You’ll find them in our farm store!

Are Our Strawberries Organic?

Our berries are not organic. They are treated with the highest level of care. Our farming techniques are state of the art and prevent insects and diseases from affecting our berries. We use a method called integrated pest management which means we start by using all organic methods first to combat various pests and diseases.

Only when a pest or disease reaches a threshold that will wipe out our crops, will we use various synthetic products. Everything that we use on our field does not harm the fruit and is completely safe for our customers. A lot of growers will spray their crops on a regular basis whether there is an issue or not. We only take action when an issue arises that needs our attention.

It is a common misconception that organic produce is not sprayed at all. However, all certified organic growers are still allowed to use certain types of synthetic products on their crops.

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